Depart: 16-19th and 23-26th June

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 20.38.59

We’re super excited to be a part of the incredibly ambitious DEPART taking place in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park this month!

The production is part of the Spitalfields Music 2016 Summer Festival and the LIFT Festival. From the Spitalfields Music website:

Grasp the ungraspable… Circus and music to guide you through the underworld.

Haunting sights and sounds will seduce you down a path punctuated by unexpected encounters as you weave through the space between life and death in this East End cemetery…

Led by Yaron Lifschitz and his internationally acclaimed company, Circa and with a creative team including the electronic musician Lapalux, this ethereal collaboration brings circus artists, choral singers, designers and musicians together for a summer night full of surprises.

Performances run 16-19th June and 23-26th June – all dates are great times to go, but if you’re a particular SingTH fan then you’ll see us the second week 🙂

Tickets are available on the Spitalfields Music website HERE – get them before they’re gone!

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