Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the choir is so delightful…

Last Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of directing the debut performance of the Sing Tower Hamlets community choir.

was overwhelmed, honestly, by the sheer joy of it all: by the fact that 19 men and women who sang as a group for the first time less than two months ago gave such a great performance together; by the number of people who braved the ridiculous weather* to come along and support friends and family; by the beautiful sound a room full of people can make together when inflicted with a bit of impromptu audience participation; by the amazing spread of baked goods provided by the choir themselves (if the only thing better than singing is more singing, then the only thing better than more singing is more singing with CAKE).

I’ve spent many years dreaming about running my own choir, so it goes without saying that Saturday was a pretty cool milestone for me. There’s definitely something incredibly satisfying about taking a moment to step back and think: I made this happen. But it’s also very beautiful to see that thing you’ve created taking on a community-gathering, each-other-encouraging, joyful-noise-making life of its own.

To my brilliant choir: I know I’m biased, but you guys are great. Thank you for your hard work up to this point, for a great debut concert, and a super fun first term. Roll on next term!

* Oh yeah – about that, England.  It’s not funny any more.  My doctor’s giving me blood tests to check for vitamin D deficiency.  Blood tests for crying out loud.  We’re all ready for Spring now.  Seriously.  Make it happen.


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8 responses to “Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the choir is so delightful…

  1. Andy B

    Ah Leanne! It was seriously an amazing experience. My friends were blown away by the sound of our choir and the enthusiasm by yourself has caused a few of our friends to warm up their vocal chords and come along! I, for one, cannot wait till next term to sing along again with such a lovely bunch of people who just want to sing together. Love to you all and see you on 24th April. Yay!

    P.s. Songs from Wicked, Man in the Mirror, True Colors, Seasons of Love (just sayin – Awesome!)


  2. Carina Fröjd

    Dear Leanne,

    I wish you all the best with STH!!!

    When will you perform in my Swedish Church, Buråskyrkan???

    Lots of Love & Happiness,

    Carina Fröjd

  3. Renuka

    Yay indeed! What fun we had! Thank you so much for making it all happen Leanne and well done everyone for making Wednesday evenings so much fun! I’m looking forward to next term already!

    Have a lovely break and I’ll see you on the 24th,


  4. Rachel

    I have truly loved every moment and stage of finding my little deep voice! What a great bunch of people and what a brilliant teacher!

  5. Hey Carina! Seriously, as soon as our budget stretches to cover international travel, we’ll be there with bells on! xx

  6. Dipti

    Hello! Thank you so much for everything Leanne! We have really really enjoyed the term, and found the performance left us on a total high!

    Bring on next term! Also, can someone please send me some recordings?!

    Dipti and Kris

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