And we’re off…!

sth3Getting a group of people in a room together to sing never fails to fill me with joy, and last Wednesday evening (the first session of my new community choir venture) was no exception.  As someone used to doing this, you’d think the excitement might wear thin after a while, but on Wednesday I was excited afresh by the fact that you can gather a newly-formed group of people and within a few hours have them three-part-harmonying their way through Ghanaian folk songs, a funked-up Amazing Grace, and a Fleet Foxes classic.  (So excited, in fact, that I feel at liberty to make the phrase “three part harmony” into a verb.)

After the session, my friend and fellow singing-fanatic Liz wrote a (tiny) poem about it on her blog, and it made me smile so much I thought I’d share it here:

(here is a small

poem about


open your mouth

let out your voice.

stand in a circle

with twenty strangers


let the sound

ring over you.)

Indeed.  Roll on next Wednesday evening!

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