Sing Tower Hamlets is a community choir in East London open to all regardless of experience!  There are no auditions and no requirements — whether you’re a seasoned performer, or more of the shower-singer type — if you love to sing and you’re in the area, Sing Tower Hamlets is for you.

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Hear what members are saying about Sing Tower Hamlets:

“Every Wednesday, my week is given an amazing lift by singing with lovely, inclusive and friendly people. I just can’t get enough of Sing Tower Hamlets!”

“Singing together is a truly uplifting experience.”


“A real sense of community spirit… highlight of my week!”


“Leanne’s enthusiasm is infectious and can inspire even the shiest of singers to give it their all! It’s the perfect mid-week pick me up!”

“I felt welcome straight away, and have had great fun getting to know people.”


“Joining Sing Tower Hamlets is one of the best things I did in 2014.”